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  2. Polydor Records 1979. 2383 533. LP. 3170 533. MC.


    As Ugly As You/Nothing To Do/All My Friends Are Dead Now/ Adopted Girl/Don't Tell Me Because I'm Young/When I Get Famous/ Little Fishes/Lovers' Pact/All The Years Of Trying// But Not Anymore/Suicidal Wreck/My Secret Life/Conventions Of Life/ Parentgames/No Fun Football/Make It Safe/Your Hero

    Band: PF (vocals,guitars), Robert Blamire [from PENETRATION] (bass), John Maher [from BUZZCOCKS] (drums), Peter Wilson (keyboards, guitar and production)

    All songs by PF except "Suicidal wreck" by Fionna Norris (The Murderers).
    Patrik on "The Murderers":

    yes there was a real band called the murderers and there was a real person called fiona norris. they sent me a tape of some of their songs and one of the songs was suicidal wreck. they came from a sort of posh place just outside of london called hemel hempstead.
    Source:email 1/7/2005


  4. Red Flame Records 1983. RF8. LP.


    One Little Soldier/Exist/Personal Loss/Travel Through Dark Though Scented Country/Grey Echoes/World Is Getting Better// Solve/My Death/Work/Gifts And Telegrams/Punch/Island Of Lost Souls

    Band: PF plays everything (that is, guitars and synths dubbed onto a Revox)

    All songs by PF except Grey Echoes (PF/Colin Peacock) and My Death (Brel/Schuman/Blau; Translated by PF [?])


  6. Himalaya Records/Red Flame Records 1984. HIM009. LP.


    Smile/In This World/Family Outing/Domestication/Working Hu-Mans Casino/ We Seemed So Suited// My Perfect World/Scattered Vilages/A Life Sentence/Down/ Drifting Towards Violence/Mystery/My Perfect World (part 2)

    Band: PF (vocals,acoustic guitar,piano.drum box,recorder), Alistair Roberts (clarinet), Dave Jago (trombone), Liz Kelly (vibraphone), Sam Appleby (saxophone)


  8. Red Flame Records 1986. RF48. LP.


    Factory Of Wines/The Finger Of Lesotho/Putting Wings On Aeroplanes/ 10,000 years Of Weeping// Pilot Of A Private Yacht/Down Mexico Way/Poor John/Tunisian Twist

    Band: PF (vocals,guitars,piano,accordion), Jilly Jarman (drums,trumpet), Peter McDonnell (synth,piano), Alistair Roberts (bass), Sam Appleby (saxophone), Dave Jago (trombone), Clara Deferrari (backing vocals)


  10. Lazy Dog Records 1995. LZD 012. CD.


    Background Paints the Picture/Frozen Dreams/Restless/Carnival/Tears/He Wants to Hold the Baby/Charlie Leads a Life of Crime/Dying for Someone Else's Money/Moon in the Gutter/Author/Boy on a Motorcycle/Give it up/No Reason/Breathing's Painful

    Patrik Fitzgerald Group: Sam Appleby (saxophone, keyboard), Peter Dover (drums, keyboard, backing vocal), PF (guitar,vocal,keyboard), Alistair Roberts (bass, keyboard, backing vocal)

    Moon In The Gutter is from Israeli musician Yehuda Poliker who is also credited (the original is called A Window Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea).

    Lazy Dog is a greek record company, the cd was still available from in 2004.

    Originally a cassette put together by Pete Dover in 1994, the drummer for the Patrik Fitzgerald Group, to sell at gigs.


  12. Beat Bedsit Records 2001(?). BASE03


    Bones In A Graveyard/Room Service/Shadow Of A Man/Shangri-Lah/Aspettando Il Verdetto/Newgate/Problems/Free Magazines/Patriots/House Of Long Windows/Sad Girl

    All songs by Patrik except Shangri-La by Ray Davis.

    From 84 Tigers"

    "Room Service was released by Pog (Paul Stapleton) from acoustic recordings I sent him made on a cassette. The cover drawing is mine. I didn't know Pog was going to release this, and he did the titles from memory, so some of them are not quite right. (Problems = What Can I Do?, Shangri Lah = Shangri La, House Of Long Windows = Wind Outside Mansions, Free Magazines = Handing Out Free Magazines)"
    - Patrik Fitzgerald, 2006

    This makes the real track List:

    Bones In A Graveyard/ Room Service/ Shadow Of A Man/ Shangri-La/ Aspettando Il Verdetto/ Newgate/ What Can I Do?/ Handing Out Free Magazines/ Patriots/ Wind Outside Mansions/ Sad Girl


  14. 2006.

    Compiled by Patrik with assitanse from Jessica Denton and Paul Stapleton. Distributed by Paul Stapleton (Beat Bedsit Records). Souvenir CD for 2006 UK and Scandinavia tour.

    Tracks: don't feel safe, dance music late night, safety pin stuck in my heart, no fun football, island of lost souls, perfect childhood, dressing up in funny clothes, gifts and telegrams, bones in a graveyeard (studio), museum, dying for someone else's money, one little soldier (1980 group), a life sentence, mrs and mrs, punch, poor john, what if ..., 10,000 years of weeping, love limbo, breathing's painful (1980 group), poll tax payers' street, concrete jungle, shadow of a man (studio), birth of human beings

    Patrik on the album in his blog:

     there are nine unreleased songs  plus acoustic versions of many pf songs from
    different periods and  a version of a bob marley song 'concrete jungle'.
    the unreleased songs, mainly acoustic but some with electric guitar,  piano
    or synthesiser are: don't feel safe, dance music late night, perfect childhood,
    dressing up in funny clothes, museum, what if, love limbo, poll tax payers'
    street and birth of human beings. concrete jungle is played with an acoustic
    two tracks are by the 1980 group, possibly my definitive group, consisting of
    myself on electric guitar,  lester broad on sax and flute and colin peacock on
    synth plus a drumbox.
    'breathing's painful' is possibly the best recorded version of the song and the
    group version of 'one little soldier' is possibly better than the gifts and
    telegrams version.
    the other songs have been recorded in new zealand this year or in britain, and
    are versions of songs which have been recorded but mainly not acoustically.
    these versions are aimimg at reflecting how they may be played live on tour and
    are: safety pin stuck in my heart (2006), no fun football, island of lost souls,
    gifts and telegrams, bones in a graveyard (studio), dying for someone else's
    money, a life sentence, mrs and mrs, punch, poor john, 10,00 years of weeping,
    the shadow of a man (studio).
    a total of 24 pog for details now, if you would like a copy.
  16. Split album with POG 2006

    Patriks tracks:

    How the fuck; Chains instead of brains; I don't believe; A bit of male liberation; No-one different; Sound of my street; Backstreet Boys; Without Sex; Suicidal wreck; No reason; Palace of dreams; The old dope peddler

    All the songs are versions or unreleased older songs.

    Patrik on his contributions (lifted from his myspace-pages):

     Friday, December 29, 2006
    hello /goodbye 2006
    this may be a final hello from both myspace and the pf website as both appear to be
    in a sort of limbo for different reasons. on the pf website there is just not a lot
    happening. myspace seem to feel that i don't have the right to upload my own songs and
    they are letting me upload less and less songs.
    so i will just use this space while it is still here to promote the pf things 'out there'
    as i did put quite a bit of time into choosing uploading recording and compiling tracks
    for the current releases.
    the floating population cd released to tie in and reflect my tour is still available through
    the pf website, there are also copies available through me if anybody would like to buy a
    copy directly from me, just e-mail me through myspace.
    the pf / pog compilation dark side of the room is available through the pf website and this
    is a breakdown of my tracks:
    the first five tracks are from the original cassette demo tape which i submitted to small
    wonder. they are previously unreleased tracks which i chose because i believe that are good
    and still worth listening to. other tracks from the same demo were released as one side of
    the paranoid ward ep.
    sound of my street was offered to polydor records as a track for the follow up album to
    grubby stories, which, of course, was never released.
    without sex was released as a limited edition single under the pseudonym josef garret.
    backstreet boys is a rehearsal recording (again on a cassette) by the group which toured to
    promote grubby stories. it's a great recording (although obviously not studio quality, but the
    performance is the important thing). i put it alongside low fi recordings like tv eye by iggy
    pop and feel that it can happily hold its head up.
    suicidal wreck is from an unreleased radio broadcast on which i played all the instruments.
    it was recorded from a combination of radios in norway and israel. literally via satellite.
    no reason is an alternative mix to the track which went onto pillow tension. i like this mix better.
    palace of dreams was recorded in lez marwick's flat in bedford, on his computerised home recording
    set up with both of us producing and drinking several beers etc.
    the old dope peddler was recorded as part of a plains fm broadcast. it's a song which was written
    by tom lehrer, a harvard university lecturer from the forties/fifties whose songs sit alongside
    jacques brel and randy newman in the 'how on earth did they get away with writing that?' stakes.
    i am giving this information from memory and have neither a copy of the cd or the pf website in
    front of me, so i think that this is all the tracks and that none of these were left off and no
    other tracks were  put on there. the website has a list of the tracks, i believe.
    the other release on the cards is a 33rpm 7" co/release (with attila the stockbroker) due to be
    released by crispin glover records from trondheim(norway).
    that's it for the moment.
    patrik f
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  17. Live in Norway
  18. If you ordered a copy of Dark side of the room directly from Patrik you got a CDR with two live recordings made 22 years apart in Norway.

    Tracks: 1. Bangin & Shouting. 2. All My Friends Are Dead Now. 3. Backstreet Boys. 4. Live Out My Stars. 5. All Sewn Up. 6. Mistery. 7. Drifting Towards Violence. 8. In This World. 9. Gifts & Telegrams. 10. Personal Loss. 11. Waiting For The Final Cue. 12. Life At The Top. 13. Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart. 14 Poll Tax Payers Street. 15. What If. 16. Concrete Jungle (by Bob Marley).

    Tracks 1-5 and 12-16 recorded at Credo (Trondheim) 2006. Tracks 6-10 recorded at The Wall (Oslo) 1984. Track 11 recorded in the UK 1979.

  20. Crispin Glover Records 2012. - BEAG3CGRCD010

    Tracklisting: company bus/routine never stops/junior gangstas/inside me there is nothing/knockabout/all the splattered children/no cause for concern/teacher teacher/laughter far away/amateur/the serving classes/acid wisdom/the nexte revolution/pilgrimage

    The first 30 that ordered the album from Patrik got a cd with a live recording from a concert in DŁsseldorf 2012.