Patrik Fitzgerald

Discography : singles


  2. Small Wonder Records 1977. SMALL 4. 7"EP.


    Banging And Shouting/Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart/Work.Rest.Play.Reggae// Set We Free/Optimism|Reject

    Patrik and his acoustic guitar... (only five strings intact though). Released on January 27 1978.

    Reviewed in NME 28.1.1978 by Charles Shaar Murray:

    An unusually generous eepee, giving the world five tracks of the voice, guitar and Cosmic Worldview of one Patrick Fitzgerald. On the cover he resembles a young Bill Nelson in modern-world clobber; on the record he sounds like ... punk folk? Acoustic punk? A young Paddy Roberts? None of these descriptions make any sense at all, but it'd be a misdirection of energy to attempt to construct a neat little category for such an genuinely interesting oddball. From the punk-love pisstake of the title track, the reggae essays of "Work/Rest/Play/Reggae" and "Set We Free" (and on the latter he does a lovely job of getting the rydim in the absence of bass and drums, as well as blending his own idiom with reggae) as well as the defiant surrealism of "Optimism/Reject" (you may have heard Peel playing it on the radio: it's the one that goes "Hello I'm a reject"), this guy is GOOD; someone should buy him a band immediately. You'll vill be hearink more of zis fellow - and zat iss an order!

    Reviewed in Sounds February 11, 1978

    The title song is a catchy rocker from this acoustic New Waver but the best is on the B side. 'Set we free' is a sparse reggae shout against da bosses, syncopating awkward lyrics against simplistic rhytm in a sarky pastiche of reggae vocals. 'Optimism/Reject' is mongol logic appraisal of YOUR animal existence. Cripple-jokes and why are we numbers? on bare angular guitar. Makes the New Wave worthwhile.


  4. Small Wonder Records 1978. SMALL 6. 7"EP.


    Buy Me,Sell Me.../The Little Dippers//Trendy/The Backstreet Boys

    ...Patrik and an other acoustic guitar

    Reviewed in Melody Maker May 20 1978, by Ian Birch

    PATRIK FITZGERALD: "Backstreet Boys E.P." (Small Wonder). Inexplicably (and unforgivenly) Patrik was given a rough ride at the Anti-Nazi carnival.
    He is a genuine original as his first effort, "Sacetyr Pin Through Your Heart," showed. This is also well up to standard: four tracks which burst with compassion, wit and the whole world about him.
    First up is "Buy Me, Sell Me", a cheery snippet with some complex changes, followed swiftly by an off-tape chuckle of "Winky, wanky, woo ... that's a difficult song to do, that."
    Next is "Little Dippers" (great title) which is Oliver Twist/Fagin in today's setting. The "new breed growing in the shade" set against crowd noises and Patrik's acoustic guitar. "Trendy" is a barbed shot at many trendy aspects, while the title cut about "being beaten up in the street".
    Great lyrics mould a sharp commentary on all the emotions you go through when a street hassle threatens. This is meant in the best way possible but Patrik, in several ways, is carrying on what Bowie began in his Man-who-sold-the-world phase.
    The single was supposed to be out some weeks ago but Small Wonder had to wait to get an overdraft because they were so broke.


  6. Small Wonder Records 1979. WEENY ONE. 7"EP/12"EP


    Babysitter/Irrelevant Battles/Cruellest Crime/The Paranoid Ward/ The Bingo Crowd (Instrumental)//Life At The Top (12" only)/ Ragged Generation For Real/Live Out My Stars/George

    It seems like Small Wonder miscalculated here, as the sticker on the 7" says:

    8 TRACK EP
    Don't pay more than 99p.
    Reason for dum sticker,
    Track One Side two is not included
    because we could'nt fit it in.

    The 12" has all the tracks listed (and yes, it is the same serialnumber).

    Band: Patrik and a few guitars, side B (the bedroom tapes) features some of the recordings he made at home (on a mono device...), later to be submitted to Small Wonder

    Nick Brewster (drums on Irrelevant Battles), CC (sax on Cruellest Crime [CC.?.]), Trevor (Sticky Fingers) Jones (organ on The Bingo Crowd)


  8. Polydor Records/Small Wonder Records 1979. 2059 091. 7"SINGLE.


    All Sewn Up//Hammersmith Odeons

    Band: PF (guitars,vocals,piano), Robert Blamire [from PENETRATION] (bass), Martin [from RESISTANCE] (drums)

    Sewing courtesy of Patrik and Sue Catwoman!

    Button from Polydor.


  10. Polydor Records/Small Wonder Records 1979. 2059 135. 7"SINGLE.


    Improve Myself//The Bingo Crowd/My New Family

    Band: PF (acoustic guitar,electric guitar on Improve Myself,vocals)

    on Improve Myself also appear: Colin Peacock (guitar), Rab Faebeith (drums), Charlie Francis (bass)

    Produced by Peter Wilson


  12. Final Solution Records 1981. FSEP001. 12"EP.


    Mrs & Mrs/Animal Mentality/Tonight// A Superbeing/Waiting For The Final Clue

    Band: PF (vocals,guitars,piano,etc.), Colin Peacock (synth,guitar), Lester Broad (saxophone)


  14. Ellie Jay Records. AJAY AHPF001. 7".

    Released as Josef Garrett, 1982.

    Tracks: Without Sex//Pop Star Pop Star

    Patrik has this to say on the single:

    this was released as a very limited edition single in about 1982. a fan, andrew hoddle, liked the the song and the b side pop star pop star & dug into his own sawings to press some copies with a litte pressing place called ellie jay records. i thought it was a bit different to my other stuff so decided to call myself josef garret (my middle name is joseph and of course there was a garret fitzgerald and poets wrote and lived in garrets). i gave a copy to john peel and he said that he thought that people would still know it was me and the music press thought it was a humorless little record. i disagree, i thought it was quite a jokey little song and it was also the forerunner of the album gifts and telegrams, on which i played all the instruments.

    (From the Dark side of the room-booklet.)


  16. Red Flame Records 1982. RF 708. 7"SINGLE.


    Personal Loss//Straight Boy


  18. Riot Stories 1982. 7" FLEXIE.


    Personal Loss [PF] // The Lovers Audition [Anne Clark]

    This flexie came with a number of Paul Wellers "Riot Stories" fanzine. I (Vidar) threw away the magazine itself years ago, trying to tidy up my life I guess.

    This is probably the only Ghosts of Individuals release.
    The "Personal Loss" version here is slightly different than the single/lp one. Sounds like a demo. A different version of the "The Lovers Audition" appears on Anne Clark's 'Changing Places' which is a collaboration with Vini Reilly (The Durutti Column) and David Harrow (Ghosts of Individuals member).


  20. 7", red vinyl. Crispin Clover Records 2007, BACH1/BEAG1

    Patrik Fitzgerald and Attila the Stockbrocker


    The next Revolution/Tired

    Attila the Stockbrocker:

    Comandante Joe/Libyan students from Hell/Spirit of the Age

    (For the completist there is also a promo CD BACH1/BEAG1CGRPROMO4)


  22. 7", LTD Ash Grey. Crispin Clover Records 2021, BEAG3CGR132

    Patrik Fitzgerald feat. Lemur


    No Santa Clauses/With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm

    Lemur is:

    Bjørnar Habbestad - Flute
    Lene Grenager - Cello
    Hild Sofie Tafjord - French horn
    Michael Duch - Double bass

    The B side is an old music hall song written in 1934 by Bert Lee, R.P. Weston and Harris Weston, with extra lyrics by Patrik Fitzgerald.